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    The Boys of Summer
    The Boys of Summer

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    Adames, Willy (TB) All-Star Junkies
    Adams, Spencer (CHW) The Czar
    Albies, Ozhaino (ATL) Funky Cold Mussina
    Alcantara, Arismendy (CHC) Funky Cold Mussina
    Alfaro, Jorge (TEX) Funky Cold Mussina
    Almonte, Miguel (KC) Isotopes
    Almora, Albert (CHC) Dirtdogs
    Anderson, Chris (LAD) The Czar
    Anderson, Tim (CHW) Team Tony G
    Appel, Mark (HOU) MannyBeingManny
    Arcia, Orlando (MIL) Funky Cold Mussina
    Arcia, Oswaldo (MIN) Comeback
    Arroyo, Christian (SF) Dirtdogs


    Baez, Javier (CHC) All Star Junkies
    Ball, Trey (BOS) Web Gems
    Banuelos, Manny (NYY) Big Baby Jesus
    Barnes, Barrett (PIT) The Czar
    Barnes, Matt (BOS) MannyBeingManny
    Barreto, Franklin (TOR) Funky Cold Mussina
    Beckham, Tim (TB) Team Tony G
    Beede, Tyler (SF) Web Gems
    Bell, Josh (PIT) All Star Junkies
    Beras, Jairo (TEX) The Boys of Summer
    Berrios, Jose (MIN)The Boys of Summer
    Bethancourt, Christian (ATL) Funky Cold Mussina
    Biddle, Jesse (PHI) Dirtdogs
    Bird, Greg (NYY) Dirtdogs
    Blackburn, Clayton (SF) Honest Abes
    Blair, Aaron (ARI) Isotopes
    Bonifacio, Jorge (KC) Isotopes
    Bradley, Jed (MIL) The Boys of Summer
    Brentz, Bryce (BOS) Team Tony G
    Brinson, Lewis (TEX) The Comeback
    *Brooks, Aaron (OAK) Web Gems
    Burdi, Nick (MIN) The Purple Cobras
    Buxton, Byron (MIN) Web Gems


    Cabrera, Gustavo (SF) Team Tony G
    Cabrera, Yordy (MIA) Web Gems
    Carbonelli, Daniel (SF) The Purple Cobras
    Castellanos, Nick (DET) All Star Junkies
    Castillo, Jose (TB) Team Tony G
    Castillo, Rusney (BOS) MannyBeingManny
    Castro, Miguel (TOR) Big Baby Jesus
    Cecchini, Garin (BOS) MannyBeingManny
    Choice, Michael (TEX) The Boys of Summer
    Cole, A.J. (WAS) MannyBeingManny
    Conforto, Michael (NYM) The Czar
    *Cooney, Tim (StL) Dirtdogs
    Cosart, Jarred (PHI) Isotopes
    Coulter, Clint (MIL) LegendInMySpareTime
    Coyle, Sean (BOS) The Comeback
    Crawford, J.P. (PHI) All Star Junkies
    Crawford, Jonathan (DET) Isotopes
    Crick, Kyle (SF) The Comeback
    Cron, C.J. (LAA) Honest Abes
    Cuthbert, Cheslor (KC) Web Gems


    Dahl, David (COL) The Czar
    Davis, D.J. (TOR) Klee
    Decker, Jaff (SD) Team Tony G
    *Delabar, Steve (TOR) Boys of Summer
    DeLeon, Juan (NYY) Klee
    Devers, Rafael (BOS) The Comeback
    Diaz, Aledmys (StL) Comeback
    Dozier, Hunter (KC) Team Tony G
    Drury, Brandon (ARI) The Boys of Summer


    Edwards, C.J. (CHC) Klee
    Erlin, Robbie (SD) Big Baby Jesus
    Ervin, Phil (CIN) Honest Abes


    Familia, Jeurys (NYM) MannyBeingManny
    Fedde, Erick (WAS) The Czar
    *Feliz, Michael (HOU) Dirtdogs
    Finnegan, Brandon (KC) Isotopes
    Fisher, Derek (HOU) LegendInMySpareTime
    Flores, Wilmer (NYM) All Star Junkies
    Foltynewicz, Mike (HOU) Team Tony G
    Franco, Maikel (PHI) Big Baby Jesus
    Frazier, Clint (CLE) Funky Cold Mussina
    Freeland, Kyle (COL) Klee
    Fried, Max (SD) Timmy's JV Team


    Gallo, Joey (TEX) All Star Junkies
    Garcia, Dermis (NYY) Klee
    Gausman, Kevin (BAL) Team Tony G
    Gettys, Michael (SD) The Boys of Summer
    Gillaspie, Casey (TB) Manny Being Manny
    Giolito, Lucas (WAS) All Star Junkies
    Glasnow, Tyler (PIT) Big Baby Jesus
    *Godley, Zack (ARI) Web Gems
    Gohara, Luiz (SEA) Klee
    Gonzales, Marco (StL) Big Baby Jesus
    Gonzalez, Chi Chi (TEX) Klee
    Goodwin, Brian (WAS) All Star Junkies
    Gordan, Nick (MIN) Klee
    Graveman, Kendall (OAK) The Purple Cobras
    Gray, Jonathan (COL) Klee
    Grichuk, Randal (StL) Dirtdogs
    Guerrero, Alexander (LAD) Honest Abes
    Guerrieri, Taylor (TB) Klee
    Guzman, Ronald (TEX) Funky Cold Mussina


    Hanson, Alen (PIT) The Czar
    Harrison, Monte (MIL) Dirtdogs
    Harvey, Hunter (BAL) The Comeback
    Hawkins, Courtney (CWS) Web Gems
    Heaney, Andrew (MIA) Manny Being Manny
    Heathcott, Slade (NYY) Isotopes
    Hedges, Austin (SD) Klee
    Hernandez, Gorkys (MIA) Team Tony G
    *Herrera, Dilson (NYM) Dirtdogs
    Hess, David (BAL) Web Gems
    Hill, Derek (DET) The Comeback
    Hoffman, Jeff (TOR) Dirtdogs
    Holmes, Grant (LAD) Dirtdogs
    Hultzen, Danny (SEA) Isotopes
    Hursh, Jason (ATL) Web Gems


    Iglesias, Rasiel (CIN) Web Gems


    Jackson, Alex (SEA) All-Star Junkies
    Jacobs, Brandon (CHW) The Comeback
    Javier, Nathaniel (SF) The Purple Cobras
    Jenkins, Tyrell (STL) The Boys of Summer
    Jimenez, Eloy (CHC) LegendInMySpareTime
    Johnson, Brian (BOS) Web Gems
    Johnson, Micah (CHW) LegendInMySpareTime
    Judge, Aaron (NYY) LegendInMySpareTime
    Jungmann, Taylor (MIL) The Purple Cobras


    Kaminsky, Rob (CLE) Big Baby Jesus
    Kingham, Nicholas (PIT) The Czar
    Kolek, Tyler (MIA) The Purple Cobras


    Lamb, Jake (ARI) Manny Being Manny
    Lamb, John (CIN) Honest Abes
    Lara, Gilbert (MIL) Funky Cold Mussina
    Lee, Hak-Ju (TB) Dirtdogs
    Lee, Zach (LAD) The Boys of Summer
    Liddi, Alex (SEA) Timmy's JV Team
    Lindgren, Jacob (NYY) Web Gems
    Lindor, Francisco (CLE) The Comeback
    Liriano, Rymer (SD) Isotopes
    Lopez, Reynaldo (WAS) The Comeback
    Loux, Barret (TEX) Team Tony G


    Manaea, Sean (KC) Klee
    Margot, Manuel (BOS) Isotopes
    *Martin, Cody (ATL) Klee
    Mateo, Jorge (NYY) All-Star Junkies
    Matz, Steven (NYM) Klee
    Matzek, Tyler (COL) Honest Abes
    May, Trevor (PHI) Timmy's JV Team
    Mazara, Nomar (TEX) The Boys of Summer
    McCullers, Lance (HOU) The Boys of Summer
    McKinney, Billy (OAK) Isotopes
    McMahon, Ryan (COL) Isotopes
    Meadows, Austin (PIT) AllStar Junkies
    Mejia, Francisco (CLE) The Comeback
    Meyer, Alex (MIN) Big Baby Jesus
    Miller, Brad (SEA) The Czar
    Moncada, Yoan (BOS) The Boys of Summer
    Mondesi, Raul (KC) Big Baby Jesus
    Montas, Frank (CHW) Isotopes
    Montero, Rafael (NYM) LegendInMySpareTime
    Moran, Colin (HOU) Dirtdogs
    Morris, Hunter (MIL) Honest Abes
    *Moya, Steven (DET) LegendInMySpareTime
    Mujica, Jose (TB) Team Tony G


    Nay, Mitch (TOR) Funky Cold Mussina
    Nessy, Santiago (TOR) Funky Cold Mussina
    Newcomb, Sean (LAA) LegendInMySpareTime
    Nicolino, Justin (MIA) Dirtdogs
    Nimmo, Brandon (NYM) Big Baby Jesus
    Nola, Aaron (PHI) Big Baby Jesus


    O'Brien, Peter (ARI) Klee
    Olson, Matthew (OAK) LegendInMySpareTime
    Osuna, Roberto (TOR) Manny Being Manny
    Owens, Henry (BOS) Funky Cold Mussina


    Parker, Kyle (COL) Big Baby Jesus
    Peraza, Jose (LAD) LegendInMySpareTime
    Peterson, D.J. (SEA) Dirtdogs
    Phillips, Brett (HOU) The Czar
    *Pinto, Josmil (MIN) Big Baby Jesus
    Piscotty, Stephen (StL) The Czar
    *Plawecki, Kevin (NYM) Big Baby Jesus
    Polanco, Jorge (MIN) The Comeback
    *Pompey, Dalton (TOR) LegendInMySpareTime
    Puello, Cesar (NYM) Web Gems
    Purke, Matt (WAS) Honest Abes


    Quinn, Roman (PHI)Honest Abes


    Ramirez, Harold (PIT) The Comeback
    Reed, A.J. (HOU) The Purple Cobras
    Renfroe, Hunter (SD) Big Baby Jesus
    Reyes, Alexander (StL) All Star Junkies
    Robinson, Daniel (TB) Big Baby Jesus
    Rondon, Adrian (TB) Klee
    Rosario, Eddie (MIN) The Czar
    Rosario, German Amed (NYM) The Czar
    Ross, Joe (SD) The Czar
    Rua, Ryan (TEX) The Boys of Summer
    Ruiz, Rio (ATL) Manny Being Manny
    Russell, Addison (CHC) The Comeback


    Sanchez, Aaron (TOR) The Czar
    Sanchez, Gary (NYY) All Star Junkies
    Sanchez, Tony (PIT) MannyBeingManny
    Santana, Domingo (HOU) MannyBeingManny
    Sardinas, Luis (TEX) Klee
    Schoop, Jonathan (BAL) The Czar
    Schwarber, Kyle (CHC) The Boys of Summer
    Seager, Corey (LAD) Isotopes
    Severino, Luis (NYY) Dirtdogs
    Shipley, Braden (ARI) Web Gems
    Sims, Lucas (ATL) Dirtdogs
    Skole, Matt (WAS) Dirtdogs
    Smith, Dominic (NYM) Honest Abes
    Smorel, Matt (TOR) The Boys of Summer
    Soler, Jorge (CHC) All Star Junkies
    Spangenberg, Cory (SD) Isotopes
    Starling, Bubba (KC) Web Gems
    Stephenson, Robert (CIN) Klee
    Stewart, Kohl (MIN) Czar
    Swihart, Blake (BOS) The Comeback


    Taillon, Jameson (PIT) Klee
    Tapia, Raimel (COL) LegendInMySpareTime
    Taylor, Michael (WAS) MannyBeingManny
    Taylor, Tyrone (MIL) LegendInMySpareTime
    Thompson, Jake (TEX) The Boys of Summer
    Thompson, Trayce (CHA) Honest Abes
    Thorpe, Lewis (MIN) The Czar
    Tomas, Yasmany (ARI) Funky Cold Mussina
    Toussaint, Touki (ATL) All-Star Junkies
    Turner, Trea (WAS) Dirtdogs


    Urena, Jose (MIA) Honest Abes
    Urias, Julio (LAD) The Comeback
    Urshela, Giovanny (CLE) LegendInMySpareTime


    *Vargas, Kennys (MIN) Funky Cold Mussina
    Velasquez, Vincent (HOU) Honest Abes
    Verdugo, Alex (LAD) All-Star Junkies
    Villar, Jonathan (HOU) Big Baby Jesus
    Vitters, Josh (CHC) Isotopes
    *Vizcaino, Arodys (CHC) The Czar
    Vogelbach, Dan (CHC) Klee


    Walker, Christian (BAL) Honest Abes
    Wall, Forest (COL) Manny Being Manny
    Webster, Allen (BOS) Funky Cold Mussina
    Williams, Justin (ARI) The Boys of Summer
    Williams, Nick (TEX) All-Star Junkies
    Winker, Jesse (CIN) Dirtdogs
    Wisler, Matt (SD) Dirtdogs
    Withrow, Chris (LAD) Isotopes



    Yelich, Christian (MIA) Dirtdogs


    Zimmer, Bradley (CLE) Dirtdogs
    Zimmer, Kyle (KC) Isotopes
    Zunino, Mike (SEA) Manny Being Manny

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